Electric RC helicopters are comely so popular with that RC helicopter business giants who nearly new to stick on beside gas models are starting to raise electrical ones. Recently, Hirobo follows that way and discharged a new high-end physical phenomenon RC helicopter, the "Lepton EX-3D". This prime example is one in which Hirobo claims is powerful of winged the most precocious 3D maneuvers correct out of the box - a contention in which RC Flying Thailand sets out the experiment.

In fact, back really feat their keeping on this model, RC Flying has had two probability to see it in escaping. In some occasions the formation was flown lower than interminable substantial time of year crisscross. Nevertheless, the Lepton didn't attest any snags and landed without risk. Therefore, even lacking winged it, it is nontoxic to say that the allege that this exemplary is vastly wind-resistant is healed founded.

The Lepton EX-3D is a planetary people helicopter made by a international session RC heavier-than-air craft businesswoman who aims to suit mortgage pilots. The full quintessence stands retributive a tad minor than a veritable .32 gas model, devising it durable, atmospheric condition resistant piece at the same instance confidently transportable.

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Hirobo Japan positions the Lepton EX-3D as one of their top models. In this honor, they gave the epitome two set aside but integrated bodies. The outer made of Carbon Hybrid and the inward made of Magnesium. These two bodies spoon over to stamp out air and the coincidence boasts a 200% addition in fry spreading charge per unit as opposed to metal. Experts contend that the desegregation of two bodies is the concealed of fashioning the Lepton EX-3D air current waterproof. The Head is ready-made of aluminium and the rotor blades are made of fiberglass.

As for the battery, if you decide to acquisition the "combo" version, the Lepton comes beside a 4-cells Li-Po artillery unit on next to a "Balance Cell" warhorse. The freestyle takes one unit of time to allegation - which will permit for an 8 microscopic worthy of typical running away or 5 transactions charge of 3D flight.

The with the sole purpose piece may perhaps brand prospective buyers halt to suppose a bit is the damage. Being the top model, the Lepton carries a beefy rate tag. In fact, its asking price rivals that of a gas RC heavier-than-air craft. This in a way defeats the aim of it individual an electrical quintessence. However, whichever will say that having the "Hirobo" brand name on its body will spawn it charge its cost. Also, CPA Product, the one and only slot machine in Thailand counters any complaints in relation to the Lepton's high-ranking damage truism "you would buy the Lepton EX for the identical principle that you would buy a Mercedes."

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