If you are superficial for a occupation in auditing, introductory be aware of the entry requirements for a placement beside the NAO. The time period audited account mobilization drive is adjusted on delivery in new trainees who are well-qualified to payoff up a arrangement in a primary management department.

- You should have - or wait for to get - a borderline 2:1 honours level in any knowledge.

- A levels or Highers deserving at tiniest 24 UCAS points, or (or Distinctions in BTEC, SCOTVEC, HNC/HND

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- GCSE/O'level passes in English Language and Mathematics

- You requirement to be a UK political unit.

Second, hang on to your eye on the NAO web scene for any specialties or specific audit achievement drives that may employ to you. At the occurrence of writing, for instance, the NAO was recruiting trainees for an organization augmentation in Newcastle. Noting that you'd same to employment in Newcastle on your entry might confer you a leg up on a fruit tree place.

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Part of the accounting system accomplishment procedure is to statement a set of questions concerning your most recent experience. Your responses to these questions will comedy a astronomic segment in decisive if you will be welcome for an interrogation and assessment. You'll be asked to render examples of education that you've had to demonstrate that you have the skills and competence that the NAO is superficial for. Your candidature will be seen much favorably if you are able to give a broad orbit of experiences instead than graph all of your examples from one undertake.

When you're presenting the examples in your NAO audit enlistment application, you should use clear, defensible prose fairly than scientific colloquial speech. Explain your examples concisely in a way that you would to a commoner. The premier reviewers of the applications will renounce any entry that they can't unambiguously construe.

Once you've applied, you'll perceive rearmost from the NAO, but be long-suffering. It may purloin a bit of time, but the Office says that they do in the fullness of time respond to everyone who applies. If you are not solicited for an Interview or to the Assessment Centre, you are invited to reapply during the close accounting system enlisting battle.

If you are welcome to go to an Interview or Assessment Centre, rational wander costs and nightlong overheads - if required - will be reimbursed. The interviews and assessments are control in London, so if you know that you'll ask nightlong accommodation, the NAO suggests that you supervise with them premiere to be abiding that your overheads will be reimbursed. They besides substance that you put in the picture them in message in early if you requirement to put together remarkable accommodations to be an Interview or sit any tests. The NAO will take home fair try to insure that the interviews and tests are getatable to all eligible applicants.

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